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Henna Paste
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Our Henna Artists can apply 15-30 temporary henna tattoos per hour.


A Henna design can take about 1 hour to dry. During the drying time you will want to keep the design away from clothing and anything else that could cause the Henna paste to smear. Smeared Henna paste will result in a smeard Henna Design. Henna paste will also stain clothing or anything else it touches before its dry.

The darkness and life of a Henna tattoo depends on several factors...

1. Location: Henna tattoos get the darkest and last the longest on the hands and feet, particularly the palms. The farthest away from the center of the body is where the tattoo will get the darkest.

2. Skin Type: Each persons skin is different. Some people have darker results than others. If your skin usually tans easily in the sun, there's a good chance your henna tattoo will develope darker.

3. Time: The amount of time the Henna paste is left on the skin can greatly effect the darkness of the tattoo! Leave it on as long as possible. When your Henna begins to flake off on its own, peal off the rest of the dried paste. Holman Arts Henna is designed to stay on the skin for a long time! Some people are even able to sleep with it on and peal it off in the morning.

4. Quality: Of cousre the quality of the Henna itself effects the darkness. Poor quality Henna can result in light or orange tattoos. Holman Arts make every effort to ensure that our Henna is fresh and of the best quality available.

5. Care: To prevent premature fading of your Henna tattoo keep the design well moisturized and avoid friction to the area. Do not swim in chlorinated water until the day after applying the Henna tattoo. After the design has had time to develope to its darkest you may cover the design with petroleum jelly or lip balm to protect the design when swimming.

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